How To Start A Porta Potty Rental Business

Offering rental service is known to be one of the most profitable business in our current generation. This brings us to a porta potty business. I believe you have once used the portable washrooms in a certain situation. If you are interested in this business then there are some essential tips that you must have to know. Furthermore, you should also get to know that this is a business that has its challenges.

Establishing the business

I normally suggest that you have your business plan. A plan is always very essential in every business. Then you should ensure that you have your goals. Have a defined dream of where you want to get. Another important aspect is the capital no business can work without the capital. After that, you go ahead and register your business.

Purchase the toilets

porta potties lined up in a rowThe most important thing that you should have is the toilets. There is no way you can run a porta potty rental sacramento business when you don’t have a portable toilet. the number of toilets that you should have depends on the capital that you have. You should note that on the portable toilet can accommodate 50 people so you should ensure that you purchase the number of toilets depending on the number of people that might require your service.

Find a location

The location is an important aspect of a successful business. I always suggest that your field of operation should be a place that people gather daily and there place has no toilets. A park is a good example of such a place. This means you should find a suitable location for your operations. You should also look for a place that is not far from your location. This is for the importance of maximizing profits. A place that is near your location will save you transportation costs. You can even locate your business in industrialized ones.

Find a disposal site

Disposing of the waste will require a municipal or private disposal site that will enable the waste to go through the treatment. This implies that you will require a license or a permit. All these processes of handling human waste and transportation will require you to be well educated in the handling of these materials. You are also required to know the laws that deal with this type of business. Get to know the amount the charge in the disposing site as there amount they charge always varies from the type of waste.

Get long term contracts

This is always very important for a successful business. To do this, then it will be good for you to talk with the state parks, construction companies, and even the city park to give you the options that are available for leasing. Also, do some personal scouting within your area to identify the places that people tend to gather in your area and also lacks the toilets.

Obtain full insurance coverage

General liability coverage will not be sufficient for this business. If you have employees in your business, then you should have an employer identification number and even create an official form of business presence. It is also good to have a worker’s comp coverage since an employee can get injured or when exposed to poisonous stuff while working. A full insurance cover is very important for this type of business.


This is always an important thing when it comes to business. You should be able to make yourself known and this will require your unique branding. This includes the name of the business and even the logo. Branding is a unique way you will make your customers identify you. and it is always important when it comes to competition. For a successful business, you should also have high-quality toilets which will make you known. This will make customers prefer your services and the branding will help them identify you.

Possible challenges

in every business, you don’t expect to run it smoothly. The most common challenge is that people might have a certain treatment. You should also know very well to handle human waste as they can pose a great risk to your health. This means it is always very important to know how to handle these wastes effectively.

Learn About The Porta Potty Rental Business

It might be the fact that a big event is hosted by your company and you are concerned with getting the proper food, venue, or entertainment. However, considering that the crowd is quite big, you might be having one more issue on your hands; in case you fail to take into consideration the toilet situation. This will be exactly where a properly placed porta potty will come of use to you.

It will be extremely difficult for corporate gatherings and parties to succeed without a sufficient number of portable bathrooms for guests to use. It is quite frustrating to wait in a long toilet line since it can consume a lot of our precious time. However, you will be able to host a successful event with some preparation by facilitating a forgettable toilet situation.

When should you rent porta potties?

It will be advisable to rent porta potties once you’re going to host an event outdoors (or partly outdoors). This will be particularly true in case you do not have sufficient options for indoor restrooms in the near vicinity. You might likewise use this option in case you’d like to maintain minimum indoor traffic in the event hosted by you. Below, we have mentioned some common events where porta potties can be used:

  • Corporate events
  • Concerts
  • Carnivals and fairs
  • Festivals
  • Fundraisers
  • Tournaments and sporting events

As a matter of fact, chicago porta potty rentals are not only intended for large crowds. On some occasions, you might be renting in the event of home construction or renovation and you might like to provide the workers with a place to go without any hassle whatsoever within the house.

In the following paragraphs, we have mentioned the different types of porta potties available for rent at present.

Different types of porta potties available to rent

  1. Standard units

The standard unit happens to be the most common type of porta potty at present. This unit is quite popular and has a dimension of 44 inches in width, 89 inches in height and 48 inches in depth. Thus, it will be large enough for almost anyone who would like to use it.

Although not the flashiest sort of porta potties out there, they will help you to get the job done easily. This model will provide you with different amenities like a mirror, coat hangers, a hand sanitizer dispenser, as well as a soap dispenser.

Mainly constructed from plastic, these consist of white roofs which let in plenty of sunlight inside. Apart from this, they likewise consist of an adequate number of ventilation slits which help to prevent the development of odor over time.

  1. ADA Compliant Units

These types of porta potties might be required by you depending on what you’re going to use them for. In fact, these units have been made particularly for accommodating handicapped individuals out there. The dimension of these units happens to be 95 inches in height, 65 inches in width, and 92 inches in depth. It is possible to allow wheelchairs of various sizes within these units as well.

Apart from their extra size, these types of porta potties are almost similar to the standard units. They come with limited facilities including hand sanitizer dispensers, soap dispensers, coat hooks, as well as mirrors.

Similar to the standard units, the ADA Compliant units permit lots of natural sunlight inside and they also prevent the development of unwanted smell all through the day. In case you are going to host a public event, these types of porta potties will be inevitable for you.

  1. Deluxe Units

These units are actually a step up from both the 2 previously mentioned units given that it offers approximately 50% more size as compared to the standard units out there. This can prove to be useful in situations where the users depend on portable restrooms to a great extent (camping sites, construction sites, and so on).

The deluxe units provide something more as compared to the standard units when it comes to the amenities. Apart from hand sanitizer dispensers, soap dispensers, mirrors, and coat hooks, these units likewise come with toilet paper holders.

The deluxe units have been designed with ventilation slits and white roofs similar to the previous 2 types of porta potties mentioned above. This helps in allowing sufficient sunlight and also prevents the buildup of filthy smell over time.

  1. Exclusive units

The exclusive units happen to be the best and biggest type of porta potties available at present. Being somewhat bigger as compared to the deluxe units, these are sufficiently large so as to accommodate users of various sizes.

They offer quite a few amenities as well. Apart from providing mirrors, coat hooks, hand sanitizer dispensers, and soap dispensers, they likewise come with air-conditioning, countertops, heating, drinking water, and sinks.

An exclusive porta potty will be your perfect choice in case you are planning to put together a high-end outdoor event. In fact, they almost resemble indoor bathrooms in every sense.